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Ben Houge (born 1974[1]) is a composer and sound designer who worked on the PlayStation 2 version of Half-Life and its expansions.


In 1996, he entered Sierra after leaving college; there he remained for 7 years. During that time, he designed sound effects, recorded and edited dialog for Half-Life: Opposing Force in 1999 and Half-Life: Blue Shift in 2001.[2]

In 2001 he also composed music and designed sound effects for the main menu of the PlayStation 2 version of Half-Life, as well as recording and editing additional dialog, and composing the music for promotional trailer. For that work he was called at the last minute. A loop of only 53 seconds long, the main menu music was composed with synthesizers (this is the pieced used for the main menu of the PC port of Half-Life: Decay).[2][3]

He also created the Sierra splash screen sound featured in every Sierra game published between 1998 and 2001,[2] familiar to the Half-Life gamers before Steam. The video itself was created by Valve's Jeff Lane.[2]

In 2003, he left Sierra and joined Ubisoft in Shangai in 2004 after working as a freelance audio contractor for around a year.[2]

He worked on numerous video games, promotional trailers, prototypes, and other miscellaneous projects.[2]

He also composed many classical/choir music pieces.[4]

He also co-founded "Sound Currents", a group of Seattle composers dedicated to presenting fresh, new, creative music through concerts in Shanghai, where Houge resides.[5]

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