Portal leak drama

    December 8, 2017 by THEJJRAT

    Portal Beta files have been tossed by the community a lot. On June 21st someone leaked a previously unreleased restoration mod of the original Portal beta on the Facepunch forums; The leaked beta contained the whole 2006 Portal Campaign (All test chambers and escape battle) and one map from 2005 which was lab_lvl3a.

    'Project Beta Group', members of Facepunch's Half-Life/Source modding

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  • StarglowGravityGun

    I think it's because all we have are board games and a fledgling version of the Internet.

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    It had been several months since the battle. Penile Steak, the Combine shotgunner, had fallen in love with Adrian, the falling in love event mutual and transcending the poop barrier. They were cuddling on the couch, while the moose kids starved to death as they locked themselves in the moose room on accident. The Combine soldier was so big and strong, like headcrab guts, and it comforted Adrian to be in the soldier's warm, thick arms.

    Suddenly, Charles Stiles from Mystery Diners enter the cabin, and brutally murders Adrian's cactus. "i've placed a camera in your mother" Charles said, laughing like a cruel being in the tendencies of which are known in the raccoon mouse. "mY CACTUS YOU SICK FOK" screamed Adrian, breaking into tears as Penile …

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    It had been two years since Adrian had found, saved, and mated with an eated moose (in that order). They had glorious little moose babies, one with a gas mask head with Adrian's eyes. They lived in a log cabin near White Forest, where Adrian was cooking from breakfast for his moose family. He cracked open some eggs and dropped them into a steel pan, drizzling some olive oil and kosher salt all over them. He hummed the tune of Sweet Home Alabama as he flipped them eggs like Duke Nukem flips some nukems. His moose husband was still half eated, and for good reason, because he was eated by a combine soldier. Who was diddly darn dead in the dirt. Adrian did respectfully bury him and his comrades behind the cabin, since they didn't choose to joi…

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  • General Disorder420

    Prepare for the shortest blog post ever...

    "FOR GOD'S SAKE OPEN THE SILO DOORS! Oh, Gordon, let me take care of that wound for- OH MY GOD WE'RE DOOMED!"

    -Black Mesa Scientist

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  • Khitrish Mapping

    Gravity Gun bug

    September 8, 2017 by Khitrish Mapping

    In HL2, you can grab and drop an object quickly with the gravity gun, and you can get it to be picked up, without the gravity gun in its OPEN state, it looks as though it just didn't try to trigger the animation. Weird isn't it?

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  • Terrahyptian Citizen

    After all this time, we finally get the end, albeit in writing.

    what are your thoughts everyone?

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  • DRAGONHUNTER215 just put it on a usb drive then plug it in your Xbox 360, click on your drive and go to the themes folder then just copy it to internal storage.

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    i found something weird when i was going through my user settings for the orangebox, there was a file called bonus_maps_data.bmd

    does anyone know what this is? im just curious.

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  • Fjalon

    Why HL3 wont be released

    August 17, 2016 by Fjalon

    Obviosly it would make so much money it would deflate the dollar. And what would GabeN do with so much money when it isnt worth anything.

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