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The Combine lock[1] is a door lock used in addition to a door handle that mechanically prevents the door from being opened, unless it is disabled from a Combine Interface. They are used prolifically throughout City 17 to control citizen movement, and can also explode when triggered to, allowing for a more forceful entry.


Combine locks are most commonly found in the residential apartments throughout City 17, to prevent unauthorized access and control areas that citizens can access.

Combine personnel are able to unlock doors using a Combine Interface nearby, however Alyx can use her EMP Tool to override Combine locks and gain access to restricted areas, as she does in Nova Prospekt.

In Half-Life 2: Episode One, the door locks demonstrate their ability to self-destruct: flashing red and emitting a beeping noise, then exploding, destroying the door they were attached to. This is often used to forcefully enter buildings.


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