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Freeman's Mind is a Half-Life machinima made by Ross Scott, who is also the creator of Civil Protection. It is more or less an in character let's play of Half-Life, featuring the thoughts of the character Gordon Freeman (played by Ross), the protagonist of Half-Life. The series has been well received, all videos having high ratings on YouTube, and each episode obtaining at least 300,000 views and some over 1,000,000 views. It is also currently one of's most popular series, the other being "Arby 'n' the Chief." This is due to the large amounts of viewers it attracts, and the ease with which new episodes can be produced. It can be viewed at Ross Scott's website Accursed Farms or on YouTube.

Freeman's Mind can be found at the list of playlists at Machinima's YouTube channel, or at Ross Scott's website

Title and Ending Song: Military Precision


The first episode came out in December 2007 as an experiment for his side series, Freeman's Mind. It received positive response from viewers and Ross continued it to the second episode and was possibly going to be the last episode of the series due to a lot of work to do. But however, due to positive feedback and several requests for Ross to continue Freeman's Mind, Ross did so and it became an official machinima series.

The series ended on December 31, 2014, after 68 episodes and 3 specials.

On April 1, 2017, the series resumed with Freeman's Mind 2. This follows the same format as the original series, but this time taking place in Half-Life 2. Three episodes have been released since then.

Freeman's personality

Freeman is somewhat eccentric and ill-tempered, although this isn't to say he isn't very knowledgeable about science and good at his job, as his inner monologues show. He seems to have a cocky, and sometimes extremely frustrated personality. During the series, he often makes sarcastic remarks, and is best described as a "smartass". He also is very egotistical, believing everyone in the facility should be more like him (which is not entirely unjustified, for example many of the people he meets are scientists who talk about donuts during an alien invasion). He also believes everyone in the military to be extremely stupid and incompetent. They don't appear to learn that their MP5's are ineffective against the HEV suit, attempt to pull off an extremely impractical cover up, as Gordon points out, and execute inept combat maneuvers such as running around corners where they know Gordon is waiting with his gun ready. Recently, Gordon has come under the belief they are learning, for example by almost killing him with a grenade. However, he still regards them as stupid "rat-fuck meatheads".

Gordon also appears to have an irrational hatred of Cockroaches, resents Black Mesa's management and architects, and has a very low opinion of string theory physicists.

Despite Freeman's eccentric personality, he actually comes off as sane compared to everyone else in the series, but this has recently started to deteriorate. Initially Gordon was, reasonably, very upset about Black Mesa's insane architecture and the constant attempts on his life. While Gordon was relatively successful at adapting to his situation, by Episode 17 he appears to be having some sort of mental breakdown. Gordon now seems to have become accustomed to killing soldiers and aliens, and in episodes 15 and 22 he even appears to enjoy it. He hates Black Mesa for its constant locked doors, dead ends, and lack of safety standards. He also really hates the "security system" which constantly forces him to traverse deadly obstacles such as tripmines or machine gun turrets. He constantly questions why they even have those turrets. Also, Gordon no longer gets upset at the insane architecture and dead bodies everywhere, as exposure has desensitized him. Despite this, he still maintains an arrogant, 'smartass' demeanor despite his many near-death experiences. The increasing extent to which this behavior exerts itself stems from the fact that Gordon's increasing body count, stunts, and combat feats bolster his already high opinion of himself.


As with any popular internet series, Freeman's Mind has inspired a number of imitations, some of the best known of which are also set in Half-Life games. A collaborative group between the makers of several major Mind Series (including, briefly, Ross Scott himself), called the "MasterMinds", has been making an ongoing podcast series called Mind the Gap since 2011, as well as Out Of Our Mindz, which showcases and satirizes some of the lesser known (and, in most cases, lesser-quality) Mind series.

Freeman's-ish Mind

Freeman's-ish Mind was an unofficial continuation of Freeman's Mind by Jared "Centaur1um" O'Brien set in Half-Life 2: Episode Two. It lasted for six episodes before being cancelled. Freeman's personality in the series was similar to that of Scott's version but his voice was noticeably different. Notably he found Alyx extremely irritating, even showing disappointment that she survived the train crash.

Barney's Mind

Barney's Mind is a machinima series created by Ian Riley (aka IRAMightyPirate). It is an in-character walkthrough of Half-Life: Blue Shift, where Barney Calhoun (played by Ian Riley) makes comedic comments on his surroundings, his enemies, and his constant combat feats. It has the same mechanics as Freeman's Mind. Barney shares many traits with Freeman: he is sarcastic, egotistical, and somewhat violent. Unlike Freeman however, Barney is considerably less intelligent (as evidenced by suggesting to break open a locker door trapping Shephard inside, with a satchel charge), a lot more willing to help the other survivors, and notably has a shorter attention span. He frequently complained about bees, handrails, and ladders.

Shephard's Mind

Shephard's Mind is a machinima series created by Robin Darnell (AKA KrimsinYT) that acts similar in terms of format to Freeman's Mind. The series is a in-character walkthrough Half-Life: Opposing Force, while narrating through the perspective of United States Marine Adrian Shepard as played by Robin Darnell (AKA Krimsin). Throughout the series, Shephard has been portrayed as paranoid, sarcastic, and somewhat cowardly. Also like Freeman, he always gets very mad when being attacked by aliens and enemy soldiers.

Felix's Mind

Felix's Mind is a Machinima series created by Curtis Trudeau-Brown. Like the other Mind series, he walks through the game, playing the thoughts of the character that the player plays as. However, this series differs from the others, with Felix being created by Curtis instead of the developer of the Half-Life series, Valve. Felix Freeman is a fictional twin brother of Gordon Freeman made by Curtis. In the series' timeline, Felix was mistaken by the G-Man for Gordon due to being twin brothers and was put out of stasis instead, taking over Gordon's role throughout the story in Half-Life 2 and its episodes. Instead of Michael Shapiro's dialogue as Barney Ian Riley's voice dubbed over Michael Shapiro's dialogue.

Chell's Mind

There are several versions of Chell's Mind available online - the best known version (and considered "canon" in the MasterMind series) is the "CyhAnide" Scaevola version, which depicts Chell as borderline psychotic, frequently suffering paranoid delusions and taking pleasure from setting things on fire, as well as hinting at tak. She also gives her Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device the moniker "ASHPoD" and "talks" to it. Other version's include the Tronnyverse version (which is the only Mind Series so far to feature live-action segments), Chell's Mind 2 by Rychotech (which featured Chell with a male voice), and even Mel's Mind, which has Chell's body inhabited by Aperture employee Mel.

Other Mind series set in the Half-Life Universe

  • Freeman's Mind: Source by Rychotech - set in Black Mesa: Source
  • Arlen's Mind by Lex Groh (AKA SomeoneInExistence) - set in Half-Life: Azure Sheep mod
  • Sohn's Mind by Oliver Touke (AKA TheGamingBaconator) - set in Half-Life: Residual Life mod
  • The Citizen's Mind by TheGentlemansShadow - set in The Citizen series
  • Logan's Mind by Dawsonnlego - set in MINERVA
  • Declan's Mind by Jase Mack (AKA JaSoR122) - this series utilizes several mods during its run, including Half-Life: Black Ops, Far Crab, Half-Life: Times of Trouble and Half-Life: Fate Reversal
  • Jimmy's Mind by SwedenSpeedway - also set in The Citizen


Episode 1

The episode starts out with Gordon worrying that he is late for work. A little while down the track he sees Barney locked out of a door to which he yells "SUCKER!!". He looks out the window and observes many of black mesa's qualities, such as worker robots and a missile, as well as a radioactive spill. He leaves the tram after reaching Sector C, wondering whether he will be fired or not. As he enters the main door, he thinks about looting the place if he does get fired, ending the episode.

Episode 2

Freeman takes a stroll through Black Mesa, trying to hide the fact the he is late, and eventually gets suited up for the experiment. It is first established here that Freeman is very knowledgeable of science despite his eccentric personality, and threatens his co-workers often. It is also revealed that Freeman has an unhealthy addiction to Oxycodone, and considers many of his co-workers inept.

Episode 3

Freeman goes down to the anti mass spectrometer and starts the experiment. This eventually leads the Resonance Cascade being triggered, and disaster strikes Black Mesa.

Episode 4

In this episode, Freeman is first introduced to the disastrous effects of the Resonance Cascade, and the fact that aliens such as headcrabs are pouring into the facility. He takes a stroll through a few rooms filled with dead bodies and tons of blood. He seems surprised by all the deaths and destruction, and he first finds his trademark crowbar in this episode. In the end, he pushes an elevator button, causing the elevator above to fall and kill the three scientists occupying it.

Episode 5

Freeman proceeds through the facility, meets a security guard who kills a few zombies for him, and first sees how stupid his co-workers are. He heavily criticizes his co-workers for dying so easily, while he is still alive despite being in the chamber at "frickin ground zero". At the end of the episode, he finds a pistol on a dead security guard whom he failed to save, and starts to "play god".

Episode 6

Freeman continues his ascent through Black Mesa, and first voices his hatred of locked doors and bad architecture, and first fights the aliens. He kills a few houndeyes and zombies with his pistol, and rides an elevator down into the facility while beating headcrabs to death with a crowbar. He eventually stops when a bullsquid falls and a catwalk collapses, and he does not know how to traverse the large black pit below.

Episode 7

Freeman jumps his way past the giant pit, first engages the bullsquid in combat, he also comes across an enormous room with crates hanging from the ceiling, with (what looks like) no floors at all, so Freeman has to endanger his life and jump from crate to crates to avoid falling down and get splattered on the non visible floor, just to find out that there's no exit for the crates, which Freeman points out that "That means that there's no DAMN POINT to this entire room!", and then he starts ranting about the things that New Mexico has done (Nuclear bomb and now "mean ass aliens") and then he concludes to "We're not brave, we're just stupid". After that he finds an elevator leading to the offices.

Episode 8

Freeman starts out in the elevator leading to the Sector D Administration Office, the area covered by the chapter. As he leaves the elevator, he notices a scientist clinging to the ceiling, who is later dragged into it by an unseen force, and comes across a broken circuit where the sparks kill the headcrabs. Freeman teases the dead headcrabs, but almost gets killed himself when the sparks destroy the air vent cover. As he turns around to find an alternate way, after reading some signs, tries to open the door but the trapped scientists cannot open the door and one of them is pulled up by a Barnacle. The scientists' inability to open the door for him makes Freeman complain that "that's not the spirit that kept Soviet paratroopers off my lawn!"

Later, he returns to where he previously tried to enter - the same air vent, and crushes the harmless cockroaches that he finds. He enters the room he tried to enter, and successfully turns off the power and removing the obstacle he tried to cross earlier, but bawls when he comes across a locked door. His rage stops when he breaks the glass window and finds more locked doors, until he decides to enter a flooded laboratory with a loose circuit. While being shocked, he manages to enter another air vent and kill all the headcrabs inside but almost goes deaf due to shooting in narrow spaces.

After getting back on the floor, he kills more headcrabs and finds a locked door, although he manages to find a shortcut in the ceiling and hears a ceiling turret fire at him. The episode ends after he returns to where he dropped into previously and obtains clips, before engaging the turret.

Episode 9

Continuing from the previous episode, Freeman, after doubting to cross the turret's line of fire, manages to evade it, but comes across a bunch of headcrabs, which are whacked to death by his crowbar. Later, he comes across a security guard whom he ignores, and later finds two scientists trying to save one from being pulled into the vent, but both of them are pulled into it and killed instead. He is later attacked by Vortigaunts, who he calls "zappers", after the electricity they fire annoy him.

He is later pulled up by a Barnacle but saves himself, although he complains about the blood falling on his hair. A scientist later tells him that soldiers are coming in to rescue them, but Freeman ignores him, and later, he is attacked by another ceiling turret, getting his ear shot. To his frustration, he reveals that he has never been informed even once that automatic turrets exist around the building, and wonders what the point of them even is.

Later, he approaches another security guard reminding him again about the rescue team, but he ignores him and tries to escape through the fire exit, but the door is locked, and he finds an alternative way - the freezer room, although he does not pass through anything hindering his progress such as headcrabs and zombies.

Episode 10

Freeman enters the freezer room, and almost runs out of bullets fighting two bullsquids and a headcrab. He tries finding another air vent to escape, and finds a dead guard trapped in one, but he fails to show signs of pity for the dead person. He successfully crawls into the vent, and breaks doors while ignoring a HEV battery (which he perceives as a car battery instead).

After coming across a maze of pipes with Barnacles hanging in the ceiling and getting through it, Freeman reaches the other side of the door he tried to enter in the previous episode, with two dead security guards and one of them have just died. Later, he notices the G-man adjusting his tie and has no idea why he does it.

The episode ends when Freeman comes across an elevator shaft with a scientist dangling to the ladder, and when he tries getting snacks from an unbreakable vending machine.

Episode 10.5

Episode 10.5 is not counted as part of the overall episode, as it is an April Fools special episode.

After consuming a Doritos from the same vending machine, Freeman enters a hallucination. In this hallucination, he obtains a shotgun and some shells in an office room, and tries to break the glass from the doors.

Later, he comes across the same elevator shaft and makes a jump, though he falls into the chasm and dies, with the credits rolling with the HEV Suit telling the viewers about Freeman's current medical situation.

Episode 11

Episode 11 begins with Freeman starting from where he began in Episode 10.5 (which was a dream episode). He does not retrieve the shotgun, reasoning that the dead scientist abandoned that room for good reason. He performs a well-executed jump, but he is afraid trying to get up the elevator, and before it, he makes complaints about the ladder and the servicing mechanisms revolving around the elevator. He later sees a scientist dangling on an end of the elevator who falls down below, and manages to break the elevator's escape hatch.

Upon arriving in the next area (the High Security Storage Facility in Sector D), he notices a scientist ask a guard to open the doors to Silo D, but the guard is caught by a zombie lurking in the open air vent, while the scientist blindly runs and triggers the laser tripmine. Freeman tries to break the glass in the silo door control for the shotgun, but he fails in doing so. Later, he accidentally triggers an automatic turret by stepping on the red laser, but he has a bad time fighting it, although he manages to survive. He obtains an MP5 submachine gun and declares that he can "solve up to 800 problems a minute".

He later comes across another room with more turrets, but this time, he manages to avoid the lasers and the attacking Vortigaunts. The episode ends when he notices a tripmine and narrow spaces blocking his path.

Episode 12

After stopping across the tripmine and other obstacles in his path, Freeman continues and manages to evade a pair of laser tripwires and the laser tripmines. He also sees the G-man who walks away without a trace.

Later, as he progresses, he notices a marine kill a fellow scientist, and when Freeman is noticed, he gets shot at too, forcing him to gun down the soldier in self-defense. He boards a lift that takes him to another floor, to which a second scientist is gunned down by a squad of marines. When Freeman is attacked, he argues to them that he has a doctor's degree, while calling his foes "dicks" and gunning them down with his new machine gun. Later, he makes a shortcut to the lift bringing him to the surface, and the episode ends with the lift moving up.

Episode 13

Freeman reaches the surface being pounded by airstrikes and artillery, and, to his annoyance, he gets shot at again. He complains about having to kill the marines in self-defense, though he has to. Thinking that the V-22 flying above him is a rescue plane, he runs back after the area is pounded by more bombs. Later, he makes a run for an underground chamber after being shot up by marines behind an electric fence and continuous bombing.

Later, Freeman returns back below the surface through a network of air vents. After fighting off a few more foes and discovering unexplored areas with hidden caches of ammunition, he almost reaches the silo doors, but instead ends facing a dead end.

Episode 14

Freeman tries to find another way to get out, after reaching a dead end in the air vent network. He later lands in the silo door control, finally finding the shotgun that he saw in episode 11, with the scientist telling him what to do when he gets across the silo. Although he does not trust him, Freeman nevertheless proceeds.

After passing through the door to Silo D, Freeman comes across a debris wall which he clears with his shotgun, and kills headcrabs he finds in his way. A bullsquid happens to be spitting at him, and shoots it down. Later, he reaches the lift control and shoots a zombie that claws its way out of a door. When Freeman pulls the lever, the lift going down a tram line goes up, and he later goes down.

He boards the tram and enjoys the ride, although he is annoyed when various Xen creatures try to attack him, from houndeyes to bullsquids. When his problem is solved, however, the tram accelerates upon reaching the stop barricade and loses control; Freeman jumps off and handles the creatures approaching to attack. Later, he finds a way to cross the radioactive hazard after returning to the stopped tram, which he executes in the next episode.

Episode 15

Freeman walks through a passageway beside the pool of radioactive waste, and manages to climb inside the steel pipe that leads further into the silo. As he exits the silo, he manages to gun down two bullsquids living under the pipe network, and arrives at a massive room filled with radioactive waste and inhabited by some more bullsquids, which he kills. A lift takes him up closer to the silo.

He later kills more Xen creatures and accidentally destroys a high platform used to cross the pool of waste below. Fortunately, he makes a well-executed jump and fails to find the switch that opens the door leading to the propulsion laboratory.

After coming across a dying scientist telling him to destroy something before it grows, he assumes he is talking about the "bad music" and metallic bangs Freeman is hearing. Freeman enters the propulsion laboratory's control room, and finds a scientist being dragged into a pit by a Tentacle(his response: "MONKEY ON A STICK! WE'RE BEING FINGERED BY GODZILLA!". Freeman tries to free the scientist in vain, but the Tentacle is completely bulletproof. He observes the size of the creature, and decides to throw a grenade into the pit in an attempt to kill it, but it survives. It does however, distract it and Freeman proceeds to make his way up a ladder, where a bold (or perhaps suicidal) security guard tries to fight the Tentacles in vain, and in the process, he gets the tentacle's attention, allowing it to crush him. The episode ends with Freeman exclaiming "WHOA! SHIT!" and timing his run against the sharp-hearing creatures.

Episode 16

Freeman returns to the control room and gets to the nearest exit by crouching out of the broken window. He moves silently from behind the tentacle to prevent it from getting him (although he still thinks very loudly), and is able to leave in search for the room that has a critical purpose or that leads to an exit. However, on his way out, he kills a zombie and destroys the catwalk at the same time by shooting a gas canister, though he is able to cross thanks to the pipe network.

Freeman arrives near the fuel room, passing through tunnel networks and taking out the zombies and the headcrabs before arriving at a large wind tunnel. At the bottom, he turns the fan on and climbs up, with the episode ending with Freeman trying to open the door out.

Episode 17

After trying to get back, Freeman manages to open the door, but the fans propel him upward towards the planks on the dome ceiling, injuring his head after a sudden collision with the debris. He later breaks the air vent grating, becoming winded and exhausted in the process, and lands in the fuel room. After taking out the zombies and the headcrabs, he reactivates the oxygen and fuel lines (thinking that the oxy button will give him some drugs), then leaves.

After making some jumps and returning to the engine room, Freeman once again walks cautiously to find the other way - the rocket engine then is not fully powered. He distracts the Tentacles with hand grenades to cover his escape. Later, he jumps across a wide chasm and leaves for the electrical system room, where he finds numerous houndeyes blocking his path, and another pool of radioactive waste. He starts to question his own sanity at this point, and wonders if he is already insane and just imagining everything from all the things he has seen, such as numerous dead bodies, monsters the size of buildings, and the entire military trying to kill him. The episode ends before Freeman sends the elevator down.

Episode 18

The elevator is called down by Freeman as he gets down to the electricity chamber. As the elevator goes down, however, it stops, and Freeman has to go down using a long pipe spanning from the upper floor to the down floor. However, the elevator disconnects from its cables and falls down the pool, and Freeman climbs down while acting as a monkey.

After being instructed to restore the power, Freeman enters a maze of moving platforms, and manages to reach the very top of the power dome. He finds a fellow scientist who refuses to go down, and decides to turn on the power. With the power restored, Freeman begins his final return to the silo (leaving the two scientists he has met alone), but he contemplates on how to get up first.

Episode 19

Gordon discovers a service ladder that leads all the way up, which he climbs. Later, he accidentally steps in the water that has been hit by a spark, and backtracks to the silo and jumping over the same chasms again. He carefully distracts the Tentacles with his last 2 hand grenades and sneaks his way back into the control room, where he test-fires the rocket engine. To his surprise, it actually works, and the Tentacles are killed while Freeman laughs triumphantly.

Episode 20

After the rocket engine kills its occupants, the pit is now empty. Freeman jumps in and slides down the pool of water, and comments on how it "smells like ass down here". After swimming through, he walks on a complex pipe network that leads him to a large pipe, but later, the pipe collapses and sends him sliding down the floor. Freeman has arrived in Sector E.

Episode 21

In this episode, Freeman first meets the Gargantua, and immediately flees from it. He is ecstatic however, when he sees the soldiers shooting at aliens instead of him. He proceeds through the facility, using his MP5 to take care of more Vortigaunts and headcrabs, and meeting an injured security guard. He soon realizes the soldiers STILL don't know that he is on their side. The episode ends with Freeman being pinned down by a sentry gun.

Episode 22

After getting past the sentry gun, Freeman proceeds through the facility, encountering more soldiers. He camps around a corner, and guns down soldiers as they run across it. He comments on the stupidity of their tactics, and reveals he shows no regret towards killing them by the dozens as they are "pricks who deserve to die." He turns on the power generator, and goes back up the elevator while avoiding tripmines, only to have a squad of soldiers chase him and run into the tripmines. After commenting on their stupidity, he wonders how to get back up the elevator.

Episode 23

Freeman find his way back up the elevator while avoiding the tripmines, and comes across more soldiers, and tries to use the corner camping strategy again. Except this time, one soldier chucks a grenade, almost killing him. After running in terror, he is aided by headcrabs who fall from the ceiling and attack the soldiers, allowing him to gun the soldiers down. Freeman eventually gets to the control room with the injured guard, and attempts to power up the train. Upon figuring out the power still is not on, he utters several obscenities, and comments "I am not happy right now."

Episode 24

Freeman attempts to sneak past the Gargantua, only to have it notice him and chase him. After running in terror and almost getting burned to death, he hides in a cramped hallway. He pulls a switch, thinking it will beep and distract the Garg, but instead it turns on the power. After firing with his machine gun and screaming, he kills the Garg, and starts up the train, only to run into a wall. The episode ends with Freeman commenting "You gotta be fucking kidding me".

Episode 25

Freeman runs a tram through a concrete wall, and much to his surprise, the tram goes right through it. He proceeds on his train, encountering several more Xen creatures, and commenting on the absurdity of the trains paths and the way it is operated. He also comments on how killing all these aliens gives him a large amount of community service hours. After encountering some soldiers struggling with battles against aliens, he ignores them and comes up to an elevator, which much to his frustration, wont open.

Episode 26

Freeman backtracks through the facility, and rides his train through new areas while fighting off Xen creatures. Freeman is then shot a couple dozen times by some soldiers, and after killing all of them, he takes a small rest.

Episode 27

This episode was made for April Fools. Freeman travels through the tunnels with his train, kills more soldiers, makes a new friend, and then gets pinned down by a .50 caliber Turret. In this episode, he talks like a pirate, using terms such as "bilge-rat" and "land-lubber". He also refers to his shotgun as a "miniature grapeshot" and his submachine gun as a "repeating flintlock". These are old firearms used during the 1600s-1800's, with modifications in their names to suit their features.

Episode 28

As Freeman's pirate adventure comes to an end, he kills the soldier with the 50. caliber turret with a grenade (that he calls ambassador pineapple), then he starts his way back into the tunnels via a missile silo. He finds a new tram and continues along his path to the surface. At this point Freeman stops his sidetracking and charges onward to the surface. At the end of the video, Freeman finds an elevator. He takes it upward happily only to be stopped once again by a pile of flammable crates. He decides to think about his situation, starting to question whether or not this actually is a rescue operation.

Episode 29

Freeman decides that he should blow up the explosive crates blocking his way with a grenade. Once he does, he gets out the elevator and kills some soldiers before going up a ladder. He passes moving boxes, electricity, tripmines, and kills some soldiers and a .50 cal machine gunner along the way. As he gets outside, he sees two soldiers talking about him, who he kills when they begin to blame the deaths of their friends on him. Though Gordon is responsible, he is incensed at the idea that this is somehow his fault given their behavior. He discovers that night has fallen, and attempts to escape Black Mesa by climbing up the ridge around the area outside, but fails to do so, and decides he needs a rope to do so, but doesn't know how or where to get one. He then sees a full moon, to which he howls to {Thinking he's a Werewolf}. He then remembers that the wounded security guard back at the tram station told him that the tram he took would lead him straight to the surface, but now wonders what the long way to the surface was.

Episode 30

Freeman finds the blast door and enters after guessing the correct code ("1234"), pointing out that as much as he wanted to claim how smart he was, it was more likely that "someone else was NOT". He then sees a marine hit two other marines with a rifle grenade while engaging Freeman and questions if he was aiming at Freeman or if it was on purpose. He then enters the test lab, where he comes across more explosives and laser trip wires, comparing it to the joke where you balance a bucket of water on a door, but with the military overdoing it. He leaves and finds an open entry from the top, where he finds more soldiers. After getting annoyed by their radio calls, he reveals himself and shoots them both. He gets angered by how they aimed for his head and nearly killed him, and quits being "Mr. Nice Guy" because he keeps believing that one of them will hear him out, but it doesn't happen. He then enters the labs and sees microscope shots of cells, claiming it to be the microbiology department. He wonders why the military wants to kill microbiologists, or why they need the very expensive hologram projector in the corner. He then leaves, talks about killing everyone and being a psychopath, and hits the launch button. He realizes that he just launched the giant missile from earlier, worried that he just started World War III. He leaves the station and finds a ridged pipe that leads up the rockface to escape, only to realize he is in the middle of the desert in New Mexico. As he doesn't have food or water, he goes back and talks more about killing everyone for survival, and returns to the same point he was before, only that one of the base doors are open and the dead bodies are gone. He proceeds to the door to leave, only to see something tragic: THE WAY OUT IS BACK UNDERGROUND. Freeman stays where he is protests about going down, ending the episode.

Episode 31

After questioning why microbiologists would need a missile silo, freeman takes a small look around for another way out. He gets shot out of nowhere by a sniper, changing his mind about going underground. He goes down and finds a laser trip wire, believing it to be a camera until he activates the trigger. He grabs the other one and takes a nearby tram car, which goes out of control and crashes right after freeman jumps off it. He kills a couple more soldiers, explaining that he would punch someone in the face if they talk about their commute again. He stumbles upon an abandoned missile silo, and drops down to start searching while naming some other spree killers. He sees an alien eating a dead soldier, believing they were making out. He kills it, and another one under the stairway, and walks across to another stairway while questioning whether or not he is a hero, cause it is not very heroic to save only yourself. The stairway appears flooded, so he swims under to see if he can find any car keys. He rises back up after complaining about getting bitten by worms, and says he feels that everything will loop in on itself. He slips off a wall and falls in another pool of water, pointing out how low class Black Mesa is. He swims underwater to a different hallway where he stops in an almost-flooded room for air. He takes a breather and bitches about getting bitten again by worms, ending the episode.

Episode 32

After retaining his air supply and complaining about business expansion and marketing, Gordon swims even further and stumbles upon the way out by mistake. He becomes hungry, from swimming and beating things to death, and regrets not bringing any extra snacks, to which he sees a shark-like alien eat a scientist. Freeman shoots some more barnacles and questions how much he knows about Black Mesa, wondering if it's a "James Bond villain company" where the world is being taken over and he doesn't even know it. He spots a scientist, who tells him about the tranquilizer gun in the shark cage to use against the monster. Freeman replies that he would rather use his shotgun, being a "real gun". He looks at a markerboard with messed up writing, reminding him of how he used to show up to class drunk in college. As he remembers how great it was to have a med student as a roommate (so he could get drunk and not get a hangover), he jumps in the shark cage and retrieves the tranquilizer gun, bummed that the darts contain zylocine, which he cannot get high of off. The cage falls in water, as Freeman swims away and gets strangled again by another barnacle, and escapes the water. He angrily shoots the monster multiple times with his shotgun, and finds another exit door. He then realizes he would be ripped after the day is done, so he would desperately need to hit the clubs. He decides to go to Dallas, where the military would not find him in a nightclub. Gordon then stumbles upon a room with multiple barnacles. The episode ends with him explaining that he would not for sure get to Dallas at that night.

Episode 33

Gordon complains about the barnacles possibly getting his suit bloody again, while realizing he could use his satchel charge to create a slip and slide of hell. He spots some shotgun ammo on a crate, but falls in and gets ambushed by aliens. He fortunately kills them with his shotgun, observing that they are taking advice from the military, and also the strangeness of mortal kombat. He stumbles upon another water-filled room, pointing out the hazard of wet floors, and sees another shark. He moves on an gets attacked by another alien that jumps him while distracted from the collapsing platforms, angry at how the military and aliens are fighting not each other, but Gordon and unarmed civilians. Gordon stumbles upon a ragged gate and climbs over it, proving to himself that he is superior to marine life as well. He exits and gets tired of swimming, pointing out that it was the cause of Bruce Lee's death (or painkillers). He brags about being the "Bruce Lee of physics" and spots the G-Man, but gets interrupted by two bullsquids. He discovers a set of giant pistons, looking back at it being the same as the crate-smashing room. He walks through the bottom while estimating that democracy works in a way that a billion dollars would only be received the next year if the first billion is spent the first year. He wonders about getting a dead pig to throw in the pistons with a lab coat on, and gets ambushed by a bullsquid. He gets shocked about how close it was, and guesses that he would use the pistons to kill himself if it took over his body. He kills more aliens, breaks a computer, and encounters another surviving scientist, who tells him that his suit is making him a human tracking device. The show ends with him telling the scientist that he gets to live, which assumes that he would probably kill any other person he sees.

Episode 34

Gordon decides to keep the suit, because though he hates everyone stalking him, he would rather not die of bullets. He enters the vent system, which he dislikes due to the low temperature, and escapes down to more pipes. He complains about how great it was when everything was normal and not taken over by aliens, and also how he would use the electric aliens as a usable power source. He sees a guard get killed, and gets shot by a gang of female black ops agents, which he assumes to be ninjas. After concluding that Black Mesa is a James bond Villan company, he sees a skylight window and realizes its morning. He complains about being insane and finds the way out, while deciding to ditch the suit after he finds a car. He then gets ambushed by the military. The episode ends with Freeman being taken away and two military soldiers planning to kill him, laughing evilly.

Episode 0 (Special)

The episode flashes back to when Gordon first started his training for his hazard suit. He goes through a majority of the course with ease, while making snide comments about the workers and gets amazed at the hologram technology, pointing out he could use it to scare some of the workers with a fake crazy hobo. He eventually reaches the end where he must jump off a two-story elevator to solid concrete. He complains that it may be a typo or something, so he decides he is done and heads off for his lunch break. The episode ends with Freeman muttering that he would just tell everyone he passed knowing no one would check.

Episode 35

Gordon wakes up in a trash compactor without any of his weapons. He fortunately escapes easily without harm, but with his memory gone blank, leaving him wondering if he got drunk. He finds his crowbar and finds a garbage chute that leads him back to the surface. He walks through the area wondering what happened, and kills some facehuggers with his crowbar. He spots a dead guy and a water-activated elevator, where he takes a good look and realizes he is in the middle of nowhere, wondering if he is a werewolf. He takes the elavator down while complaining about how lazy black mesa is, and crawls through a vent leading to a waste storage area. He drops down and sees a security officer, thinking he could sell him back his dropped gun for money, only to see him get eaten by a barnacle. He stops to investegate further, with the show ending with him bummed that he won't get any money from him now.

Episode 36

Freeman picks up the officer's gun and kills some more barnacles and headcrabs, while wandering around the area. He gets lost and complains about more random stuff, and keeps going in circles several times. He finally finds a vent to go through, which he gets to by walking around the edge of a waste container. He gets though and crawls as the show fades and ends, with Gordon saying "If this ends up being a fuel line and gas starts flooding in here, I'm gonna look REALLY stupid.".

Episode 37

Freeman continues through the pipeline while thinking about how he was asked during a job interview where he would be in five years, then reaches a conveyor belt that throws him into a cramped corridor with a small pool of water. He complains again about how the doors are locked and the giant helpings of meat hurling from opposite sides of the room, then decides to swim underwater to leave. He spies orange gases in another area, wondering whether or not cheetos were made that way. He swims deeper through more obstacles, including a rotating crusher, and finally finds air again wondering if he is actually going the right way. He spies stairs and a door, which, unfortunately, lead back to the room he was locked in. He leaves through underwater again while realizing he was now prepared whenever he got Alzheimer's and had a cane that could turn into a sword, and gets sucked through a current that leads to a conveyor belt control area. He finds his magnum, happy that he found another gun that was more powerful the he anticipated, only to be pissed off again after killing a snot monster. After taking a look at the monster, he remembers seeing them and fully regains his memory of what happened. He once again circles back to the meat-processing room, finds some satchel charges, then goes back to kill more aliens and activate the conveyor and stomper controls, with the gratitude that he is certain he isn't late for work. He rides the conveyor, hoping that it would lead to a ball pit, and stops in a room that exits through giant stompers and robot arms. He decides to take a quick nap, ending the episode with him freaking out thinking he saw a bat.

Episode 38

Freeman leaves because of the bat. He makes his way past more crushers, complaining about how one is tapping out morse code. He gets past it seeing a bio-hazard sign, the possibility of falling to his death, and a tank of acid. He makes it though, and hears fire. He makes it past an incinerator, and complains about a catwalk that can't be accessed normally. He sees a door that looks like it belongs to a shrine. He kills another headcrab and finds another dead end. He finds a locked door and calls the builders of the temple savages. He complains that gremlins are building exits later so he'll look like an idiot later. He finds another alien and runs out of 9mm bullets. He tries a conveyor backwards, and finds two tripmines. He finds a door that just goes back to where he was.

Episode 39

Angry about ending up back where he was, Freeman realizes that he has satchel charges decides that he could "bring this whole building down". Feeling a lot better about the prospect of getting out of Black Mesa, he decides to make his way past the conveyor belts and up to a crusher where he is attacked by headcrabs, he sarcastically exclaims that it is his lucky day and a dream come true.

Freeman continues through the crusher, past a pool of 'green glowing liquid' seemingly disguised as a spa and makes it to a kennel of Houndeyes, after unsuccessfully teaching them to dance, he kills them with his crowbar, climbs over the electrified fence and arrives at an alien grunt in a glass cage. Realizing that the only way to the open the exit door is to press a red button. Freeman presses the button; opening the door, accidentally freeing the grunt and activating an alarm. Freeman kills the alien grunt with a charge satchel and makes his way up to the ground floor lobby where he is confronted by a group of HECU soldiers and concludes that everyone is trying to kill him.

Episode 40

Freeman continues his way throughout the lab, killing more HECU soldiers and alien grunts along the way, and at one point, unsuccessfully tries to get everybody to calm down. To his delight, he discovers a room with a giant laser beam projector inside. Freeman activates all of its' power sources, and turns on the laser, ignoring the sign that says, DO NOT OBSTRUCT LASER SHIELD, which claims is "asking for it." The laser blasts a hole in the wall, which Freeman cheers.

Episode 41

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Episode 42

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Episode 43

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Episode 44

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Episode 45

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  • The cheats used by the creator in Freeman's Mind are as follows, keep in mind the exact damage values are unknown, these are just estimates based on what has been seen in the series:
    • increase 9mm/MP5 power: sk_plr_dmg_9mm_bullet 20 (must be entered again after every loading point, as well as the other damage increasing cheats)
    • increase shotgun power: sk_plr_dmg_buckshot 15
    • increase crowbar power: sk_plr_dmg_crowbar 20
    • godmode (to make himself invincible for the point of making the series easier to create)
    • noclip (used for "pull ups" and other related climbing feats
    • bind "insert key here" noclip: How he manages to use noclip without opening the console.
    • to holster (put away) weapon: impulse 200
  • Freeman constantly makes references to pop culture items such as "The Shining", "Aliens", "Star Wars", "Jurassic Park" and the works of HP Lovecraft.
  • The series is presented as an inner monologue that the game's NPCs are unable to hear, meaning that Freeman is not actually speaking his dialogue out loud. Despite this, Freeman's speech is still incomprehensible underwater.
  • On May 4, 2013 Ross Scott posted that he had officially "Escaped From Machinima" and started to post the series, beginning with episode 45, on and his own YouTube, chilledsanity.
  • The non-canon demo game Half-Life: Uplink is also used as part of the series. It takes up Episodes 58 and 59.


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