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Half -Life: Brave Brain is a mod created by Miro Sklenar (Slovakia). You play as Thomas Redgrave, a scientist working in Area 3 Research labs. The story is parallel with the events at Black Mesa, when the Resonance Cascade occured.


"Black Mesa Inbound"

You are Thomas Redgrave, a scientist who is going to work at Area 3 Research Labs. You sit in the train going past some familiar Black Mesa area, similar to the original Half-Life.

"Too Early"

You arrive to a familiar platform from Half-Life, also known in the mod as Area 3 Research Labs. You find a security guard sitting a desk, informing you that you are too early, so you find your way around to the Hazard Course, at the same time Gordon pushes the carrier into the Anti-Mass Spectrometer.

"What is happening?"

After not finishing the Hazard Course, the incident occurs, meaning the only way out is to jump into a stream of moving water, heading towards an area you manage to escape from. You pick an axe, and find your way around.

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