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The Half-Life: Opposing Force soundtrack was composed by Chris Jensen; it was reused for the Half-Life: Blue Shift soundtrack.

Many of the original tracks had no name on the Opposing Force disc, but received one on the Blue Shift disc. Additionally, most previously named tracks received a new name on the Blue Shift disc as well. When a track has multiple titles, the Opposing Force title is listed first.

Track listingEdit

Track Description Location played Comments
“Scientific Proof” Incoming: Played during the opening scene aboard the Osprey. Blue Shift Track 11
“The Awakening AKA Orbit” Welcome to Black Mesa: Upon exiting the Black Mesa Infirmary Blue Shift Track 13
“Name” Welcome to Black Mesa: Upon encountering the Vortigaunt corpse with the Combat Knife impaled in its back Blue Shift Track 14
“Spooky Oozings AKA Listen” Welcome to Black Mesa: Upon falling into the pool of water immediately after entering the sewers of the Black Mesa Transit System. Blue Shift Track 15
“Spooky Monastery” "We Are Pulling Out": While riding the tram. This is the only track to not be used in Blue Shift, though it may have been intended to be Track 16, "Fright"
“Storm” "We Are Pulling Out": While running up to the hangar access door that The G-Man closes. Blue Shift Track 17
“Spectre of Limbo AKA Trample” "Missing In Action": While Approaching the Test Flame Area Blue Shift Track 18
“Race from Doom 2 AKA Bust” Friendly Fire: While approaching the room where Adrian first encounters the Black Ops and the Mark IV Thermonuclear Device. Blue Shift Track 19
“Temple of Limbo AKA The Beginning” Crush Depth: While entering the lift right before rescuing the Scientist in the teleporter at the beginning of the chapter. Blue Shift Track 1
“Wastes of Limbo AKA Lost in Thought” Crush Depth: The room with the broken X-ray, immediately before Adrian's first encounter with Shock Troopers. Blue Shift Track 2
“Danger Rises” We Are Not Alone: Upon entering Xen for the first time. Blue Shift Track 3
“Soothing Antagonist” Foxtrot Uniform: When approaching the Dam. Blue Shift Track 4
“Stroke of Midnight AKA Run” Pit Worm's Nest: Upon dropping from the air vent at the beginning of the chapter. Blue Shift Track 5
“Open the Valve” Vicarious Reality: When Shock Troopers and Pit Drones teleport into the Observation Area of Biodome 02. Blue Shift Track 6
“Tunnel” Foxtrot Uniform: Upon entering the sewer maze populated by Voltigores. Blue Shift Track 7
“The Ticking Timebomb AKA Chamber” "The Package": Upon approaching the Black Ops Mortar. Blue Shift Track 8
“Maze” "The Package": Riding the lift leading to the start of Worlds Collide Blue Shift Track 9
"Alien Forces" Worlds Collide: While riding down the lift to the battle with the Gene Worm. This track is called "Opposing Force: Track 19" on the Opposing Force disc, and "Blue Shift: Track 10" on the Blue Shift disc.
“Planet” This is the song played over the final credits. Blue Shift Track 12


Initially, the Steam releases of Opposing Force and Blue Shift had its original soundtrack replaced by that of Half-Life.


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