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The subject matter of this article does not take place in the "real" Half-Life universe.

Half-Life: Singularity Collapse (rendered as HALF-LIFE - Singularity Collapse) is a short independent fan film based on the Half-Life 2 story arc.


The story follows a Citizen who has its apartment raided by Civil Protection and wife killed. He wakes up in a Memory Replacement device, and is saved by the Resistance who attack the building. He joins them in the Uprising, but they are all eventually killed. He manages to flee with a Scout Car, and ends up in front of Gordon Freeman, standing on a mound with his crowbar.


Released on July 12, 2011, Singularity Collapse took more than a year to be made, with a total budget of around $1,000. Most of the special effects were made with Adobe After Effects.[1]


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