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Kelly Bailey composed several pieces of original incidental music that are interspersed throughout Half-Life 2: Episode One. They are listed below. Bailey's affinity for wordplay is evident in his track titles; "Eine Kleiner Elevatormuzik" references Mozart's "Eine kleine Nachtmusik," Dr. Isaac Kleiner, and Muzak. "Penultimatum" is a portmanteau of the words "penultimate" and "ultimatum."

Using an appropriate program, it is possible to extract all audio tracks heard in-game from the "episode 1 shared.gcf" archive file. The soundtrack was also included in the game directory of both the full and demo Audiosurf releases on Steam, and in the bonus CD of the Russian version of The Orange Box.

Track listingEdit

Track Description Location played
“Disrupted Original" Opens with a harsh, siren-like sound, leading into a fast-paced beat, punctuation by discordant guitar effects. Meant to inspire unease for the player.

Presented in the game files as "VLVX_song11".

During a large attack by Zombines in Lowlife.
“Combine Advisory” An ambient track. Suits probably having a nightmare.

Presented in the game files as "VLVX_song2".

When entering the room with the shaft full of Advisor Pods.
“Guard Down” An odd mix of synth sounds and piano.

Presented in the game files as "VLVX_song4".

Chapter Urban Flight, after killing the Antlion Guard.
“Darkness at Noon” Eerie sounding ambiance.

Presented in the game files as "VLVX_song8".

Lowlife, when entering the ventilation shafts for the first time.
“Self Destruction” A very fast-paced song. Has an odd percussion beat that plays throughout most of the song.

Presented in the game files as "VLVX_song12".

Chapter Lowlife, when the zombies attack during the elevator sequence.
“Eine Kleiner Elevatormuzik” A quiet, ambient track. Sounds like elevator music (hence the name).

Presented in the game files as "VLVX_song1".

Undue Alarm: Right before you encounter the first Stalker and Alyx sends you after Rollermines.
“What Kind of Hospital is This?” A techno-rock song.

Presented in the game files as "VLVX_song18".

Fighting Zombies in the Hospital in Urban Flight.
“Infraradiant” Very similar to Darkness At Noon.

Presented in the game files as "VLVX_song19a".

When entering the Citadel Core in Direct Intervention.
“Decay Mode” Ambiance.

Presented in the game files as "VLVX_song19b".

When first sighting the elevator at the end of Lowlife.
“Penultimatum” Slow paced techno song. Speeds up and slows down.

Presented in the game files as "VLVX_song21".

Exit 17, during the final battle with the Strider.


  • Mozart composed "Eine kleine Nachtmusik", which has a similar title to “Eine Kleiner Elevatormuzik”.

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