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This is the soundtrack for Half-Life 2: Episode Two. It can be found in the files and it is available for download on Steam.[1]

Track listingEdit

Track Description Location played
“No One Rides For Free”
  • A fairly quiet, slightly eerie song.
  • Presented in the game files as "VLVX_song0".
  • Under the Radar: When first driving away from the junkyard after destroying the Autogun.
“Dark Interval”
  • The song has a slow moaning quality to it, with a sense of imposing darkness. In the middle, the song seems to brighten some but fades out quickly.
  • Presented in the game files as "VLVX_song3".
“Crawl Yard”
  • Has an industrial feel to it, with sounds similar to clanks and steam hissing. Mostly ambient.
  • Presented in the game files as "VLVX_song9".
  • In the chapter Freeman Pontifex near one of the radioactive lakes.
  • An odd, echo-filled song, with rain-like sounds later on.
  • Presented in the game files as "VLVX_song15".
“Extinction Event Horizon”
  • A synth-filled track, mostly ambient.
  • Presented in the game files as "VLVX_song20".
  • The very beginning of To The White Forest, as Gordon is climing out of the train wreck.
“Vortal Combat”
  • A fast, upbeat and dramatic song that accompanies the final wave of the antlion attack with the help of the vortigaunts. Instruments heard in it include electric guitars, drum beats, and techno samples.
  • The title both refers to the Vortigaunts, and is a pun on Mortal Kombat.
  • Presented in the game files as "VLVX_song22".
  • This Vortal Coil: The final wave of the Antlion attack in which the vortigaunts assist Gordon Freeman in the fight.
  • The song can be heard during part of the Portal teaser trailer.
“Sector Sweep”
  • Another techno-rock song, with a small section from Shu'ulathoi around the middle.
  • Presented in the game files as "VLVX_song23".
  • During the Combine ambush directly after the meeting with the Barn Advisor.
  • On the console version of The Orange Box this song is played in the main menu for the Episode 2 screen.
  • A fairly quiet, but dark and eerie song.
  • Its name is a reference to the Vortigaunt name (and perhaps the true name) for the Combine Advisor.
  • Presented in the game files as "VLVX_song23ambient".
“Last Legs”
  • A tense, rock song.
  • Presented in the game files as "VLVX_song24".
  • Our Mutual Fiend: When fighting the second wave of Striders and Hunters during the attack on the missile silo.
“Abandoned In Place”
  • Mostly a techno song, with a prominent percussion beat. Seems suiting to an invasion attempt.
  • Presented in the game files as "VLVX_song25".
  • During the Combine invasion of the White Forest Base, during the mission to close the second silo.
“Inhuman Frequency”
  • A dark brooding, industrial track.
  • Presented in the game files as "VLVX_song26".
“Hunting Party”
  • A techno-rock song, suiting a large battle.
  • Features a heavy use of electric guitar, as well as the hi-hat.
  • Presented in the game files as "VLVX_song27".
  • Riding Shotgun: during the Hunter ambush.
“Eon Trap”
  • A quiet techno song.
  • Begins slowly, like an ambient track - however, soon becomes an action track (in tandem with the increasing force used by the Combine).
  • Presented in the game files as "VLVX_song28".


The song "Shu'ulathoi" seems to have elements from Procedural Jiggle Bone from the Portal Soundtrack.


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