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Just like our wiki, this room really could use some clean up.

While many articles and images are in top shape, many of them need to be cleaned up. Out of around 790 articles from the main namespace (not including redirects and disambiguation pages), the wiki has around 560 "safe", "good or "featured" articles, and around 220 articles to clean up, which is actually rather positive.

Articles not considered "safe", "good or "featured" are considered to be cleaned up by default, and have the "clean up" template on top. Normal users are not allowed to remove it without notice and must submit the article to an administrator (either on his talk page or on the Projects talk page) for review (disregarding this will result in a block). When the review is acknowledged and then pending, the "clean up" template will be replaced by the "cleaned up" one. After review, the "safe", "good" or "featured" status will finally be applied.

In a nutshell, every single article from the main namespace must be in one (and only one) of the 5 following categories: "safe", "good", "featured", "to clean up" or "cleaned up".

As for the images (see the complete list), most of the time the screenshot must be remade from scratch. Around 45 images from Half-Life 2: Raising the Bar are still of very poor quality, being based on poor scans. Better scans are uploaded from time to time, and the remaining poor quality images can be found in this category.

With the released of Portal 2, the Portal series was given a specific Project. It works with a different system that will applied here in the future. All related articles have been removed from this very page for convenience.

The list

This is a list of articles to clean up, by category. Each time an article is fixed, it is removed from the list.

Real world


Game soundtracks








Race X








Quantum events


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