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The Half-Life soundtrack was composed by Kelly Bailey.[1][2] It is available on Steam as a free DLC for all Half-Life owners.

Track listing Edit

Track Description Location played
Adrenaline Horror Primarily an action track, with some brass instruments.

File name: Half-Life01

We've Got Hostiles: When encountering the first Osprey in the game and a squad of HECU soldiers.
Vague Voices A dark, quiet, yet strangely peaceful song. Reused for the Half-Life 2 soundtrack as "Black Mesa Inbound".

File name: Prospero01

Black Mesa Inbound: During the tram ride to Sector C.
Klaxon Beat A fast-paced techno beat.

File name: Half-Life12

Anomalous Materials: When Gordon Freeman acquires the HEV Suit.
Space Ocean Reused for the Half-Life 2 soundtrack as "Echoes of a Resonance Cascade".

File name: Half-Life07

Played at the start of the chapter Unforeseen Consequences.
Cavern Ambience This piece is commonly played when descending down elevators or shafts. Reused for the Half-Life 2 soundtrack as "Zero Point Energy Field".

File name: Half-Life10

Unforeseen Consequences: While descending on a platform as Headcrabs come out of a vent above.

Lambda Core: While descending on a platform with a truck, prior to fighting the Black Ops.

Apprehensive Short One of the many short musical strings in the Half-Life soundtrack.

File name: Suspense01

Unforeseen Consequences: When seeing the Zombie in a chair in the dark room with the flashing light.

Office Complex: While exiting the elevator and seeing a live wire blocking the path.
Apprehension: When first encountering an Ichthyosaur.
"Forget About Freeman!": In the sewers, when approaching an Ichthyosaur.

Bass String Short Another short musical string.

File name: Suspense03

Office Complex: In a booby-trapped room, with a boarded up exit and Headcrabs falling from the roof.

Apprehension: Upon entering the freezer area.

Hurricane Strings Reused for the Half-Life 2 soundtrack as "Neutrino Trap".

File name: Half-Life09

Office Complex: Within the freezer area.
Diabolical Adrenaline Guitar A fast-paced, chase song. Reused for the Half-Life 2 soundtrack as "Lambda Core".

File name: Half-Life02

We've Got Hostiles: Immediately after the first encounter with the HECU, as well as during the chapter Surface Tension.
Valve Theme (Long Version) The theme of Valve Software. Reused for the Half-Life 2 soundtrack as "Hazardous Environments".

File name: Half-Life13

Surface Tension: During the cliffside area.
Nepal Monastery This track plays when encountering Tentacles. Has a middle eastern feel to it.

File name: Half-Life04

Blast Pit: When entering the Silo and hearing the tentacles for the first time.

Surface Tension: When entering the realm of the tentacle in the sand.

Alien Shock This Song usually plays when facing Gargantuas. Remixed for the Half-Life 2 soundtrack as "Biozeminade Fragment".

File name: Half-Life15

Power Up: First seeing the Gargantua.

Surface Tension: Encountering the Gargantua in the parking garage.

Sirens In The Distance Remixed for the Half-Life 2 soundtrack as "Triple Entanglement".

File name: Half-Life14

On A Rail: Descending into the tunnels at the beginning of the chapter.
Nuclear Mission Jam A techno song, sounds fitting for a hard task. Reused for the Half-Life 2 soundtrack as "Something Secret Steers Us".

File name: Half-Life16

At the start of the chapter Apprehension, as well as when picking up the Tau Cannon.
Scared Confusion Short File name: Suspense02 Apprehension: While witnessing the first Ichthyosaur. Also while seeing a security guard get shot by Black Ops.

Lambda Core: Upon entering the room with the Black Ops.
End Game: After declining the G-Man's offer.

Drums and Riffs The song's name is a good indicator of how it sounds, the music primarily being drums and guitar riffs. Reused for the Half-Life 2 soundtrack as "Tau-9".

File name: Half-Life03

On A Rail: Right after launching the Rocket.
Hard Technology Rock A rock song mixed with a bit of techno sound.

File name: Half-Life08

Forget About Freeman: During the battle between the grunts and HECU soldiers.
Steam In The Pipes Reused for the Half-Life 2 soundtrack as "Negative Pressure".

File name: Prospero02

Lambda Core: Opening the portal to Xen.
Electric Guitar Ambiance" As the name says, an ambient track made primarily out of electric guitar sounds. Reused for the Half-Life 2 soundtrack as "Escape Array".

File name: Half-Life05

Surface Tension: During the area with Laser Tripmines and a Sniper.
Dimensionless Deepness Reused for the Half-Life 2 soundtrack as "Dirac Shore".

File name: Prospero04

Xen: The butterfly-activated teleporter room leading to Gonarch's lair.
Military Precision A slow start, with a military-sounding remainder.

File name: Half-Life11

Residue Processing: After meeting up with a security guard (the same guard that is killed by a Barnacle, allowing the player to take his gun).
Jungle Drums A tribal-sounding track, primarily drums.

File name: Half-Life06

Gonarch's Lair: Fighting Gonarch.
Traveling Through Limbo Reused for the Half-Life 2 soundtrack as "Singularity".

File name: Prospero03

Nihilanth: While fighting the Nihilanth.
Credits / Closing Theme Remixed for the Half-Life 2 soundtrack as "Tracking Device".

File name: Half-Life17

During the credits.
Threatening Short Reused for the Half-Life 2 soundtrack as "Xen Relay".

File name: Prospero05

Xen: After entering Xen. Also at the diabolical portal leading to the Nihilanth.
Dark Piano Short File name: Suspense05 Questionable Ethics: First seeing an Alien Grunt (trapped in a glass enclosure).

Surface Tension: Core of the missile storage room.

Sharp Fear Short File name: Suspense07 Power Up: Killing the Gargantua.

Trivia Edit

  • In several pre-release videos of Half-Life, different version of Diabolical Adrenaline Guitar can be heard. It was likely changed in Summer 1998, as the old version can be heard in E3 1998 Gruntfight video[3] and is not heard in Half-Life: Day One.
  • Vague Voices, Steam In The Pipes, Traveling Through Limbo, Dimensionless Deepness, and Threatening Short all have the name "Prospero" in the game files, this is because these five songs were originally to be used in one of Valve's cancelled games, Prospero.
  • This is the only soundtrack from the Half-Life series that has been released in a high quality (music industry grade) format, other CD releases from the series were sourced from low quality 128kbit/s MP3 masters.

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