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Hoopie,[1] also known as Hoopy,[2] is a small round metal hoop that falls out of the sky at the end of Portal. Apparently, Hoopie was once part of GLaDOS. It is seen again in Portal 2 when GLaDOS "awakens," as well as in one of Doug Rattmann's dens.

The GameInformer Portal 2 - March 2010 hub reveals that Hoopie was seen as a "meme" by the developers, but never reached the ears of the fans until then, the Companion Cube and the cake instead becoming the Portal memes.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • The entity that made Hoopie fall next to the player was actually the engine's "gibshooter" entity.
    • Hoopie was also a dynamic prop, so mappers should use the entity "prop_physics/dynamic_override" for him to appear.

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