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"Captain? Johanson, you're in there?"

Captain Johanson[1] is a character cut from Half-Life 2. The Borealis captain, he is mentioned by Odell in the Half-Life 2 Beta sound files, in the folder "/sound/vo/borealis/". He was likely to be dead with the rest of the crew when Gordon and Odell were to reach the ship. The spelling of his name can found by viewing the related sound file in the leak SceneManager.


"Johanson" is quite similar to "Johnson", the name of Aperture Science founder and CEO, Cave Johnson. Furthermore, "Arbeit Laboratories" can be seen on some crates inside the ship. The retail Borealis belonging to Aperture Science, it is possible those names were recycled.

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  1. Playable Half-Life 2 Beta files

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