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Kathy Levin is an American voice actress. She provided several voices for Half-Life, such as the Black Mesa Transit System announcer, Gina Cross and the HEV Suit. Some of her recordings were reused in the future Half-Life games.


Levin voiced the Black Mesa Transit System announcer, Gina Cross (both as the holographic assistant and her NPC) and the HEV Suit for Half-Life, where recordings for such were reused for subsequent games.

She has been in the voice acting business since 1985.[1] Beginning her career in Los Angeles, she performed as a musical comedy and improvisational actress in various productions, and spent a year with a national touring company of the Broadway musical Grease before finding her true calling as a voice actress.[2]

Currently working as a voice actress in Seattle,[2] she also provided other voices for many other video games such as Shogo: Mobile Armor Division, Blood II: The Chosen (for which Michael Shapiro and Lani Minella also provided a voice) or the Spy Fox series, background singing for the English version of the Japanese animated film Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland,[3] miscellaneous voice acting for CD-ROMs, instructional videos, corporate presentations, and for a wide variety of companies, including Taco Bell, McDonald's, Subway's, Macy's, Doritos, Boeing, Immunex, Safeco, REI and Microsoft, as well as an unnamed boat company, for which she voiced a monitoring software.[1][2]

She also has extensive experience as a voicecaster and producer, and began her career casting in Los Angeles while with The Voicecaster for 8 years.[2] She can imitate French, New Zealand, British, Southern, New York, and Mid-West accents.[1]


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