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Mel is a playable character cut from Portal 2.[1] She was originally to be one of two cooperative campaign Test Subjects, the other being Chell. In earlier plans of Portal 2 she was to be the protagonist of the singles campaign but was cut as well.


  • Mel at first was to be the protagonist of Portal 2, at the time set as a prequel. But player testers were disappointed GLaDOS did not recognize the player and was scrapped from the singles campaign and replaced by Chell. Mel was then completely scrapped from the game when the co-op characters were turned into ATLAS and P-body, two infinitely respawnable robots, whereas Chell is kept for the singleplayer campaign only. Replacing the two human Test Subjects with robots was decided when it was noted that play testers tended to die a lot, thus creating an in-universe reason for the constant respawning.[1]
  • Several GLaDOS lines written when the two Test Subjects were still to be human (notably GLaDOS taunting the two women about their weight) have been kept for the robots, adding to the comedy of the game.[1]
  • Her placeholder model was the Chell player model from the first game, with a light blue jumpsuit, blonde hair, blue eyes, and a much more fair skin tone. Her texture files for this placeholder can be seen in the game files of Portal 2.


  • Mel and Greg (whose role was replaced and expanded for Caroline) are the only two characters thus far known to have been cut from the Portal series.
  • The Party Escort Bot would have been first if it had not been retconned back into the end of Portal. Greg was brought back in the PeTI update
  • Mel may have gotten her name from Chell, as they both rhyme.
  • Mel is also an abbreviation of names like "Melanie" or "Melinda".
  • She appears in the fan-made mod for Portal 2 Portal Stories: Mel.

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