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"Yes, I am talking to you Mr. Chubby Beak. You marshmallow."

Mr. Chubby Beak is one of the chicks of the bird that first abducts GLaDOS, while she is in a potato during the Portal 2 singleplayer campaign, and later builds a nest in an old prototype chassis in the Portal 2 Peer Review DLC. When the bird nests in the old chassis, it lays three eggs, Mr. Chubby Beak, and his two unnamed siblings.

During Peer Review, ATLAS and P-body enter the chassis room on GLaDOS' orders and drive off the bird. GLaDOS initially orders them to smash the eggs, but eventually changes her mind. Instead, she places them in a special variety of the Relaxation Vault, where they are raised with GLaDOS as their mother. One day, while she is insulting them about their beaks, one of them smashes the glass of the vault, making GLaDOS realize that they are exactly the little killing machines she has been looking for. She then asks them to go to sleep, telling them that she has got a big plan for tomorrow.

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