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Portal: The Flash Version MapPack is a mappack addition for Portal. It is based on the online Flash game Portal: The Flash Version, developed by the same company. Some of the chambers of the mappack were included in Xbox 360 Live Arcade title Portal: Still Alive.[1]


The player starts in a roofless chamber similar to the Relaxation Vault, and receives a Dual Portal Device via a robot claw. Most of the chambers that follow are based on those in the original platforming 2-D game, but some are replaced with original chambers. Uniquely, none of the chambers have signs for them.

Occasionally, the player must detour into maintenance areas next to the test chambers, passing things ranging from carrier trucks to ratman dens. Around the final third of the chamber set, there's even a cameo appearance of the Borealis set in a long dark tunnel. An office nearby has a panel showing the blueprints seen in Half-Life 2: Episode Two, and a red button that delivers a group of personality constructs to a crate on the ship.

Then the mod takes a swift turn when the player enters a room with an Emancipation Grill that disables the portal gun, and containing the Cake. When approached, it disappears and GLaDOS lowers the platform the player stands on into a fire pit surrounded by Turrets. They escape through the maintenance areas and emerge through a Men's restroom, passing what looks like a cloning lab for Test Subjects, and a boss battle ensues shortly after with a huge robot armed with lasers and an energy pellet launcher. The player must lure the robot into a huge parking garage and deflect its energy pellets back at it using crates and barrels.

Finally, the portal gun malfunctions and GLaDOS decides to let the player leave the Enrichment Center, but just as they approach the facility's tollgates on the surface, they are stopped by a Combine Gunship, and the game ends.


  • Some of the testing elements introduced in the original Flash Version that were then carried to this mod include a variant of Combine force fields and Laser Fields.
    • Laser fields were used in the additional chambers of Portal: Still Alive, later to be used in Portal 2.


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