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Realm Lovejoy is a writer, game designer, illustrator and 3D artist who worked at Valve from 2005 to 2013.[2]

Biography Edit

Realm grew up in the snowy mountains of Nagano, Japan, later moving to the state of Washington. Her father is a Japanese ex-monk and her mother an English teacher from Rhode Island. Interested in the future of visual story-telling, she went to DigiPen Institute of Technology, got an AAA in 3D Computer Animation, and created the student project Narbacular Drop with her team, Nuclear Monkey Software, in 2005. She then interned at Nintendo Software Technology, then was hired by Valve with most of her DigiPen team to develop Narbacular Drop’s portal system for the upcoming Portal. She spends her free time writing and illustrating.[3]

She is currently working as Art Director at Hinterland Studio.[4]

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