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"Eat the Vortessence, you ant bastards!"

Sheckley is a no-nonsense Rebel who appears in the Half-Life 2: Episode Two chapter This Vortal Coil.


Half-Life 2: Episode TwoEdit

Sheckley was assigned to a Resistance post outside of City 17 but was forced underground after the events of Episode One, as he says he was not even supposed to be there during the Antlion battle. As attacks from Zombies, Antlions, and probably evacuations to the next post, brought the number of troops there down to just him and a medic named Griggs. Sheckley and Griggs have very different personalities; Sheckley is stoic and professional, whilst Griggs is naïve and light-spirited.

When a Vortigaunt brought the wounded Alyx Vance down into the mines, Sheckley and Griggs protected them from antlion assaults. When Gordon Freeman arrived, Sheckley and Griggs briefed him on the current situation and helped him fend off Antlion assaults until more Vortigaunts arrived to reinforce their position.

After the battle, Sheckley and Griggs stayed behind to protect Alyx Vance and the Vortigaunts while Gordon and the first Vortigaunt ventured into the core of the Antlion nest to retrieve some larval extract. It is unknown what Griggs and Sheckley do after Gordon, Alyx and their Vortigaunt friend leave, though it is possible they accompanied the rest of Vortigaunt group in hunting Advisors.

Behind the scenes Edit

Originally, Griggs and Sheckley were only minor characters who informed Gordon how to defend the Vortigaunts from the Antlions, before getting killed fairly quickly, leaving the player alone to kill the Antlions. However, the developers discovered that this led to the players being unsure of how to fight the battle, and would often make them use the wrong strategies. This led to the team deciding to keep Griggs and Sheckley, making them constantly informing the player of how to fight the battle, and even suggesting which tunnels to defend. This gave the team the idea of making the two funny characters, whose in-game conversations could serve as a comical relief during the battle.[1]


  • According to the Orange Box Prima Guide, Sheckley and Griggs were inspired by Abbott and Costello. This is confirmed in the developer commentary.
  • According to Half-Life 2 writer Erik Wolpaw, Sheckley was named after science-fiction author Robert Sheckly.[2]

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