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"This is my hiding spot, and I'm not moving until the situation has drastically improved! Now go away! And don't tell anyone I'm here!"

Dr. Smithers is a scientist working at the Black Mesa Research Facility. He only appears in the level Blast Pit of Half-Life.



During the Black Mesa Incident, Silo D-02's power generator has to be started up to defeat the Tentacles in Silo D-01, and Smithers is sent to restart it. It is likely he encounters some Xen aliens on the way there, because instead of restarting the generator, he decides to hide on top of the generator until the crisis ends. Having failed to start the generator and failed to return, Smithers' colleague met below assumes he has been killed and did not attempt to restart the generator himself.

Later, Gordon Freeman comes down to restart the generator. Upon stepping onto the device, he encounters Smithers, who refuses to move until the situation drastically improves. Freeman restarts the generator and leaves, while Smithers' fate remains unknown.


List of appearances


  1. Half-Life texture files

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