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A citizen carrying a ration.

"You gotta be damn hungry to wait in line for this crap."

The Combine Standard Ration, also known as Food Packages, is the form of food most commonly given to Citizens in Cities.


It is first shown before exiting the train station where Citizens are lined up waiting to be given a Food Package by a Combine Dispenser. The food distributed from the ration dispenser apparently has a very unlikable taste as several Citizens can be heard commenting on the poor quality of the rations, even to the extent of considering joining Civil Protection "just to get a decent meal".


  • If the player looks closely at the model, they can see that it resembles a MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) package commonly used by the military. If the player looks even closer, they can make out writing that says "MENU #3 1 COMPLETE MEAL, READY-TO-EAT Net. WI 13.3 oz 1376g CONTAINS: BEEF STEW, CRACKERS, SYNTHETIC STRAWBERRY, JAM.
  • The food package works as a weapon, with an entity, since it technically works as a weapon for the Citizen NPCs. Typing the command "give weapon_citizenpackage" into the console gives the package worldmodel, though it appears improperly, as no viewmodel exists. Attempting to use it has no effect, and once another weapon is chosen, the package cannot be recovered. The HUD icon to appear after spawning is that of the cut MP5K.



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