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Stephen Bahl is a conceptual artist, game developer, composer, and writer for Gearbox Software, that he joined in 1999.[1] After attending Tigard High School,[1] he graduated from the Art Institute of Dallas. He focuses on model building and animation and is a power-house of 3d game content development.[2] He is married to Jeana Bahl.[1]

For Half-Life: Opposing Force, he co-wrote the story with Rob Heironimus and Kristy Junio, and created all of the new HECU soldier classes and variations, the Race X creatures and weapons, and other weapons such as the Displacer Cannon.[2][3] He also made additional music for Half-Life: Blue Shift[2] and all of the weapon and HECU models for the Half-Life High Definition Pack.[3] Now he creates Gearbox Software's teaser videos and trailers.[2]

Bahl served in both the 101st Airborne Division and the 506th Infantry Regiment for the United States Army and contributes to the company's video games with his real-world military experience (e.g. for their Brothers in Arms series). During his service, he was stationed in locations throughout the world such as Panama and the Korean Demilitarized Zone.[4]

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