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To collect userboxes into a single column grouping easily.


| align = 
| backgroundcolor = 
| bordercolor = 
| extra-css =
| textcolor = 
| toptext = 



All of the parameters are optional.


Detailed explanations of the parameters are below.{| class="wikitable" |- ! Parameter ! Valid values |- | align | left, center, or right (default) |- | backgroundcolor | Any web color (name or #XXXXXX hex format). Defaults to #FFFFFF. |- | bordercolor | Any web color (name or #XXXXXX hex format). Defaults to #99B3FF. |- | extra-css | Allows you to provide additional CSS style information. |- | textcolor | Any web color (name or #XXXXXX hex format). Defaults to #000000. |- | toptext | Overrides the standard Userbox text and link. Can include wiki-markup. |}

Hiding userboxesEdit

You can hide userboxes which utilize this (as well as a few other) forms of template-based userbox organization. Simply edit your userspace CSS override (for example, monobook.css for the Monobook skin) and add the following–

#userboxes { display: none; }

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