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Hi, My name is Mark and I wish to be a game producer for Valve.

My CharactersEdit

Rick BoldwinnEdit

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"Listen, there is no way I can shut down DENNiS. But, I have installed new software in each of the cores. Get them to the Transfer Receptacles. There, they can help GLaDOS hack into DENNiS' and Aperture's main frame. It will require teamwork. That's all I can do. Good luck."
―Rick Boldwinn on fighting DENNiS

Rick Boldwinn is one of my characters for Portal. He is the only oldest,yet still young, scientist in the Aperture Science facility.


"I took it upon myself to watch the tapes of you winning against GLaDOS and Wheatley, and I found out that they have a common flaw: CORES. So one, I have been modifided to not accept any cores, with will make it easier, for me, to win. Two, No portal-accepted surfaces. Three, Sheilds, online. Four, Start the Counter-Oxygen. And five, deploy my surprises, fast, turrets and my guards. So enjoy whatever you got left of your soon to be ended life."
―DENNiS on his plan

The first A.I. of Aperture Science before GLaDOS. Responsible for killing over 400 employees, with 18 surviving. DENNiS was deactivated and stored in the Aperture Science Basement. DENNiS was fully aware of the building of GLaDOS as his “replacement”, for he wasn’t fully deactivated and he got the information of GLaDOS when various scientists kept visiting the basement dropping off wasted projects like the “Aperture Science Mortar Turret”, which he reuses in the final battle. During the final battle, DENNiS’ Mind Module falls out thereby making him spray his deadly anti-human weapon, the Aperture Science Counter-Oxygen Agent all over the place visa vents and saying random and out of order facts like, “Martin Luther Edison was the first to create biodegradable barstools!”

To defeat him, place all the cores in all the Aperture Science Core Transfer Receptacle at the various levels, thus, disarming his shields, disengaging the vent systems, etc. After being hit by one of his Mortar turret’s mortar, a core placement slot appears near the upper base. Insert Wheatley who will sacrifice himself by self-destructing DENNiS using himself.

The CoresEdit

Rebel CoreEdit

A personality core with a red eye who defies each of DENNiS’ orders. Ends up in the Aperture Science Waste and Incinerator Unit

""We are going to march RIGHT UP THERE, LOOK HIM IN THE EYE, AND SAAAAAyyyy, 'I have no idea'. I never though anything through, it's not like I'm a leader of an army"
―Rebel Core on planning

Feminine Core “Kat”Edit

A personality core with a pink eye who is female and helps Chell and the other in taking down DENNiS. Found in the Aperture Science Generator Room.

Pain CoreEdit

A personality core with another red eye. Found on him are cracks, dents, and a broken bar. Found in the Aperture Science Manufacturing wing.

"Don't believe them, they're just going to thruogh you into the Incinerator!"
"Oh, so is THAT the case. Well, if you want me COME, AND, GET ME!!!"
―Pain Core


"Don't drop me, don't drop me, don't drop me, don't drop me, don't drop me!"
―Pain Core on not dropping him, seriously, don't drop him, he'll complain and a pin it all on you

Annoyance CoreEdit

A personality core with a light blue eye who is very, very annoying. Found in the Aperture Science

Multiplayer CoresEdit

Personality cores that are objectives in the multiplayer mode: Capture the Core, Sabotage, and Core Collecting

Portal 3Edit

Single-player/Co-op ModeEdit

Chell returns to Aperature, and under dire circumstances. DENNiS, and old A.I., before GLaDOS, that used to be the guide of the Aperture Science computer-aided Enrichment Center, has been reactivated and has taken over Aperture and now is bent on creating weapons. Now, that GLaDOS is a major ally, she has assigned ATLAS and P-body form Portal 2, to be your partners. Now you and your friends can play as Chell, ATLAS, and P-body. After finishing the main game, players will be awarded free-play, "courtesy of Aperture Science", to play around in the facility and to replay levels.


Players can play as either play as a gun-weilding ATLAS bot, a portal making P-body bot, or an engineering test subject as players fight on either Team GLaDOS or Team DENNiS.

Multiplayer ModesEdit

A Hint of the Game(may contain spoilers)Edit

After DENNiS overrides the transfer with Wheatley, he put Wheatley in, A POTATO. Then puts, Chell, ATLAS and P-body, Core GLaDOS, Rebel Core, and Potato Wheatley into a elevator and pound them into a pit (shorta like Portal 2). Upon reaching the ground, everyone wakes up, the following conversation follows:

"Is everyone O.K.?"
―Rebel Core
"Um, no. I'M A POTATO!"
"Oh, like we never eard that one before. How was I soppose to know he would override the transfer?"
"Guys, guys, clam down. O.K. we need a plan."
―Rebel Core
"What are we going to do, sit here like, Potatos?[Laughing]"
"Oh, how funny. Wanna be usful, shut up."
"Your right GLaDOS. first things first, whose gonna carry us?"
―Rebel Core

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