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Black Mesa Source and New Twitter account for the wiki

Damac1214 September 2, 2012 User blog:Damac1214

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The Black

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Black Mesa: Source

A free mod for Half-Life 2, Black Mesa: Source, has been announced to finally have a release date on September 14th, 2012. Now, this won't be a complete release, but it is near finished and has been in development for 8 years, so we half-life fans should have high hopes. You can find the website with a countdown to the release here [1]


Me and Kat will be running a new Twitter account (since Kat forgot the password for the old one, dumb kat) that will provide News and Updates on the Half-Life series, as well as some fun distractions for fans like trivia and maybe even contests. Twitter account here: [2]

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