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  • I live in NC
  • I was born on October 31
  • I am Male
  • DiceRoller

    My Gaming Blog

    May 4, 2010 by DiceRoller

    I think my blog for this wiki will be a gaming one. I have a political-ish blog on the Monopoly Wiki too.

    I love using custom skins/sounds when I play. It's so cool to look at your weapon and say, "I'm proud to be killing someone with something this stylish and well-made." I might even make a list of skins I use one day. Here's a start: my Portal skins.

    • 1. Retextured Portals
    • 2. A smooth, black Portal Gun
    • 3. Cubes with the "Awesome Smiley"
    • 4. Black Turrets

    I also recently found out how to use GCFScape, and now I know how to edit HL2 text, muhaha...

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  • DiceRoller

    I like Half-Life

    December 13, 2009 by DiceRoller

    I think I'm steadily getting more involved in this wiki. I don't see why I shouldn't, I love the series and know a bit about it. I'm usually a cautious editor. I don't have any mods yet, and I won't be a good source of screenshots (my camera's not that good at it), and I'm not fully adjusted to playing FPS games yet (I tend to make stupid mistakes and not use cover or conventional tactics/weapons in firefights), but hey, I love the series! Three things in particular about it:

    1. I HATE ICHTHYOSAURS! I think the HL1 Ichth is more frightening appearance-wise than the HL2 one.

    2. I love the .357 Magnum's reloading animation in HL2

    3. I love killing Hunters by running them over with the car

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