• Drink800

    I have an actual GAME DISC of the Dreamcast HALF-LIFE that can play on ANY Dreamcast!!

    Is this an alpha, beta, final prototype, or some unique copy of the Game? Is there anyone that any information on what this is that is NOT speculation?

    I have been a gamer for over 30 years and collected vintage game systems and games for about 20 years now. During the years 2002-2006, I was really into collecting all things Dreamcast. In my pursuit of all things Dreamcast, I came across the opportunity to buy HALF-LIFE for the Dreamcast! I was told it was a fully playable in any system. For a nominal fee, which I will not disclose, I could get this game. So I bit the bullet and bought thinking that the odds were fairly high it wouldn't play at all, but …

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