• Hengara

    Theory ideas

    December 3, 2009 by Hengara

    Combine Advisor 1 Shape: they are shaped as caterpees and the only part of their body wich is not related to caterpees are their breathing masks and their arms. non of wich are "biological" wich means somebody put it on them they could have put it on themselves with their telecinesic powers but those power probably came with the equipment if they could not put all that equipment on them themselves then who did? probably the REAL leader of the combine hireacraty. he saw the Advisors usefullness and decided to give them what they needed to stand at his side

    2 Real name: Shu'ulatho

    Apparences: 1 on screen in Breens office while teleporting from Kleiners lab 2 on screen in front of breen when hes escaping 3 screen and in pod in citadel 4 on scre…

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