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    Half-Life 3 @ Gamescon?

    August 14, 2012 by KATANAGOD

    Half-Life 3 will appear at Gamescom, according to a PDF list of videogames found on the show's website. T3 Online was the first to spot the inclusion of Half-Life 3 on the list, the game being the only one to be revealed by Valve at the show. The PDF clearly states Half-Life 3 but Gamescom's list does not that it takes 'no responsibility' for the accuracy of the information of the information, admitting that it is gathered from forums and blogs. Still a slightly odd stance from an official show. TechRadar spoke to Mike Sawh, the journalist that spotted the inclusion, who said about the find: "I was simply searching around for assets on the official Gamescom website in preparation for T3's coverage of the gaming expo, and spotted the list o…

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    Updates & Questions!

    July 20, 2012 by KATANAGOD

    Hello everyone! This is going to be the first of many "News Blog" style thingies that you'll be seeing more and more on here. But first, the main question I'd like to ask - What do You think? The readers? The simple people just browsing around the wiki? I want to ask you what you want to have in these blogs. I want to ask you what you want us to be doing with the wiki. Please use this page as a sort of Feed back sort of thing. The content cant get better nor grow without the readers giving their input on what they want to see, so please, Start commenting on what you want to see!

    I've taken a liking to the name "The Black Mesa Times". It has a nice ring to It, and I'm guessing this'll be the name of these News Blogs. Moving forward we have some upda…

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