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    Combine Wizards

    July 12, 2010 by Mega Sean 45

    The three Combine Wizards. Before the Advisors, the Wizards were leaders, and power-sources to all Combine Soldiers, it's how they stay alive, like Darth Vader's power source was Darth Sidious. The Combine Wizards were first known by the Soldiers by Wallace Breen, one of the administrators of Earth. The Wizards came after the Seven Hour War, and getting everything set up. When the Advisors were in action in the war, they were sent back to their world, and came back during a battle of an underground citadel. The Wizards have stored their powers in three Combine bases around Earth, one is in City 45, one is in City 18, and one is in City 0 (AKA: Main City). The Combine Wizards weren't known by any Humans until three Rebels have invaded the C…

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