The three Combine Wizards. Before the Advisors, the Wizards were leaders, and power-sources to all Combine Soldiers, it's how they stay alive, like Darth Vader's power source was Darth Sidious. The Combine Wizards were first known by the Soldiers by Wallace Breen, one of the administrators of Earth. The Wizards came after the Seven Hour War, and getting everything set up. When the Advisors were in action in the war, they were sent back to their world, and came back during a battle of an underground citadel. The Wizards have stored their powers in three Combine bases around Earth, one is in City 45, one is in City 18, and one is in City 0 (AKA: Main City). The Combine Wizards weren't known by any Humans until three Rebels have invaded the Citadel, and almost killed Breen's second in command: Chancellor David. The Wizards were on full-alert once they were known, and waiting for their powers to activate in 10 days. The three wizards are named: Wizard of Hope, Wizard of Feelings, and Wizard of Strength. Wizard of Hope was the most powerful of the three, and is the middle aged one. His color was red, and he holds extra hope for all Combine. Wizard of Strength is the youngest out of the three, his color was green, and holds extra strength for the Combine. Finally we have Wizard of Feelings, the oldest out of the three, color is blue, and holds the anger, the gladness, and all feelings to the Combine, so they'd have more instrest in killing. Killing can't really be worth it when their are no emotions, right? The Wizards are the counter-parts of the Prophets from the game Halo. The Combine worship the Wizards, envy them, and hope they would be in their shoes one day. The Wizards are a bit shakened, but ready for any enemy that tries to hunt them down. What's gonna happen to them? Will they surivive? If you want more info on the Wizards, and their fate. Watch Combine Rampage on youtube. If their fate is not yet revealed, then it is not the time for it to be showing. Stay tuned, and watch how the story of the three Combine Wizards, turns into an epic adventure.

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