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  • Ohmygod123

    If you wanna see Chell in Super Smash Bros 4, please sign this petiton. I've come up with some potential moves and other stuff for Chell.

    Final Smash: GLaDOS gives the opponent neurotoxin, while Chell sends the opponent to death trap portal.

    Assist Trophy: Turret

    Stage: GLaDOS' Lair


    • Still Alive
    • Want You Gone
    • 4 Part Plan
    • Robots FTW
    • This Is The Part Where He Kills Us

    There's just one small problem. If Chell's gonna be in the game, Valve needs to make a Portal game for a Nintendo console. Making a new game will take too long, so we need to convince Valve to make a port of Portal 2 for the Wii U. This petition will also cover this situation.

    Here's The Petition:…

    Read more >

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