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  • Bio My dog is my obsession, making jewellry is my passion, chocolate is my addiction, and FANDOM is my delight
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  • Sannse

    New navigation

    March 22, 2012 by Sannse

    I've just turned on the new navigation, but there's a problem with the number of items under "categories" and "games". The current structure is:

    • Special:Categories|Categories
      • Category:Storyline|Storyline
      • Category:Characters|Characters
      • Category:Enemies|Enemies
      • Category:Creatures|Creatures
      • Category:Factions|Factions
      • Category:Locations|Locations
      • Category:Weapons|Weapons
      • Category:Transportation|Transportation
      • Category:Technology|Technology
      • Category:Technology|Conflicts
      • Category:Quantum events|Quantums
      • Category:Cut content|Cut content
      • Category:Real world|Real world
      • Category:Mods|Mods
    • Category:Games|Games
      • Half-Life
      • Half-Life: Opposing Force|Opposing Force
      • Half-Life: Blue Shift|Blue Shift
      • Half-Life: Decay|Decay
      • Half-Life 2
      • Half-Life 2: Episode One|Episode One
      • Half-Lif…
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  • Sannse

    Chat enabled

    March 22, 2012 by Sannse

    So, I've just enabled chat for this wiki. That's a bit of a risk, because there aren't any admins around at the moment to moderate it. But I figure we could give it a try anyway ;)

    We could also enable the new navigation, but that might need a bit of tweaking by someone more familiar with Half-Life than me. I'll try it and see what it looks like though.

    And please let me know what you think too!

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  • Sannse

    The future of this wiki

    January 3, 2012 by Sannse

    Hi Everyone,

    It seems that Klow and Bramblepath are ready with the fork they announced back in July. Around that time, I emailed Klow about this wiki, and how it can and can't be changed in response to the fork. I asked him to share that email with the community, but I don't think he did that.

    So, here are the details:

    The main point is that It is not OK for you to use Wikia to promote an alternative service.

    We've seen a few forks now, so have some guidelines to help in understanding what that means. This isn't an exhaustive list, but...

    • Please do not link to your new wiki on the main page of the Wikia version. It's OK to link to a blog post about the changes, but that can't be a permanent notice
    • Please make sure that any messaging clearly sa…
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