Hi Everyone,

It seems that Klow and Bramblepath are ready with the fork they announced back in July. Around that time, I emailed Klow about this wiki, and how it can and can't be changed in response to the fork. I asked him to share that email with the community, but I don't think he did that.

So, here are the details:

The main point is that It is not OK for you to use Wikia to promote an alternative service.

We've seen a few forks now, so have some guidelines to help in understanding what that means. This isn't an exhaustive list, but...

  • Please do not link to your new wiki on the main page of the Wikia version. It's OK to link to a blog post about the changes, but that can't be a permanent notice
  • Please make sure that any messaging clearly says that people have a choice to move with or to stay.
  • Please do not post to users' talk pages with messages about the fork. We look on this just as you would have if someone had come here in the past, and started leaving mass messages about their site on talk pages.
  • Please do not try to delete pages or images, change fundamental elements of the site or otherwise damage the content. The wiki should be left intact and available for any future editors to use. This includes removing your own contributions (which were added under a free license, or as "fair use")
  • Please do not use the wiki to promote your new fork. This includes templates, notices or URLs on pages other than the announcement blog.

Overall, the key is that it's not OK to make changes to this wiki for the benefit of the other. We fully respect your right to choose where to edit, but this wiki will remain open for anyone who chooses to stay here or to edit here in the future. We will need to look at some aspects such as new admins for the wiki, but hope that can be done with any remaining community after things have settled down.

I'm sorry if this all seems overly blunt, but I want to be sure there are no more misunderstandings.

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