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  • Smelltheashes

    Goddamn zombies

    June 2, 2011 by Smelltheashes

    Alright, I want to clear things up first: I am a wuss.

    Now, let's talk about something that's been bugging me lately. Half-Life 2 is an amazing game. It's one of the best games I have ever played, and playing it with the episodes is something I would love to do more often... if it weren't for, you guessed it, the fucking zombies. I hate them. I can't goddamn stand them. Just thinking about that fast zombie.... ugh. Creepy as fuck. And that poison headcrab. GODDAMNIT GET IT AWAY FROM ME-you get the point. No, I am not Barney. I don't have a fear of all headcrabs. Just the ones HL2 added. Although the standard ones first creeped me out (I was used to the low-res Half-Life versions), I got used to them. I just can't get used to the others. If …

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  • Smelltheashes

    It kind of bugs me how people are overthinking the Portal storyline. I'm not referring to this Wiki, of course, our goal here is to analyze everything. I'm talking about things I've heard on the internet and even by people I know that look WAY to deeply into a lot of Portal 2. For instance, the whole Caroline thing. Is she Chell's mother? Does GLaDOS harbor some deep-seated love for Chell? Who the hell cares? The only thing people are getting this from are the lyrics to Cara Bel, where she is called "my daughter". But that might not even be GLaDOS talking. Another thing about Cara Bel: the fact people are looking into this at all is absurd. It's a silly cinematic made to reward you for completing the game. There's really nothing to it, and…

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