It kind of bugs me how people are overthinking the Portal storyline. I'm not referring to this Wiki, of course, our goal here is to analyze everything. I'm talking about things I've heard on the internet and even by people I know that look WAY to deeply into a lot of Portal 2. For instance, the whole Caroline thing. Is she Chell's mother? Does GLaDOS harbor some deep-seated love for Chell? Who the hell cares? The only thing people are getting this from are the lyrics to Cara Bel, where she is called "my daughter". But that might not even be GLaDOS talking. Another thing about Cara Bel: the fact people are looking into this at all is absurd. It's a silly cinematic made to reward you for completing the game. There's really nothing to it, and yet my sister told me this might be a sign GLaDOS still has a conscience. Come on! It's silly. A bunch of turrets singing? There's nothing that even HINTS at an important plot point there. And then there's the end: Chell finally leaves Aperture, and suddenly people are looking into this too. Where is she going? Are the Combine still on Earth? How will she survive? Again, why does this matter? This isn't Half-Life, where there are always mysteries lurking about and everything is serious. This is goddamn Portal. There should be nothing about this series that indicates some major underlying hidden secret that Valve is planning to surprise you with. And if they do plan on using anything from the game to give us a serious plot point for Episode 3 or whatever, well then, I'd like to be surprised.

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