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    Portal 3? Maybe?

    February 2, 2012 by TheDragonGolen

    "Son, I need to go to meet a old friend." Chell lightly said to her son next to her. "Ok, Mom, why are we in a desert though." Her son, Antonio asked. "Well, she's here." Chell said, opening a door to the test chamber. Then there she was, GlaDOS had millons of robot testers, it was like a portal world. Antonio only 13 noticed something. "That looks like UltrOS, the robot at the center of our city." Chell grabbed a portal gun. "Exactly." She exclaimed. "Chell? It is you, I see you have a son now... Very pleasing. Welcome to testing land. You can go now, I just wanted you gone the second time." GlaDOS said, shutting the door. "Mom, can I try that?" Antonio asked, he grabed it and shot his white shoe then the white bridge they walked on. Chel…

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