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July 5, 2012
  • Theshawnotron

    There hasn't been any clear idea on the story of half-life 2 episode 3(other than you might fight an advisor). This is just an idea on what I think it could be. It starts at Eli Vance funerall. It goes along like most funerals, and it transitions to 5 years later, and the advisor that killed Eli got all of his knowledge and spilled the beans to the rest of the combine, so the resistance was falling apart. A group of vortigaunts gathered some crystals from xen and they think it could be their last hope against the combine. They activate it, but then lammar started making a sound that sounded like growling. Kleiner and barney realise that something's wrong. Before gordon could do anything, the crystals did the unthinkable... They resurrected…

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