• Turbogruntman117

    Post here what you want to see in future games, or what you think will be in the next game.

    I'd personally want to see in...

    • Some High-def, Source, Xen Pictures
    • Maybe a chance to see the Vorts in action more often
    • A reapperance of old (GoldSrc) characters
    • CO-OP!
    • Maybe Adrian Shepherd?
    • G-man's "employers"
    • The Borealis
    • The Aurora Borealis
    • And Barney
    • A Half-Life 3
    • Gordon's Legs
    • A Specific Release Date!

    ===Another Half-Life Game? And What "Retcon" Games?

    • Ideas
    • How'd Eli Escape
    • And Kleiner?
    • Wat teh krap Happened to Dr. Green, Cross, And Keller?
    • I'd Also like to see Gordon's First day of Work (Maybe a puzzle game like "Portal?)

    What would you like to see in Episode 3, Portal 2, the next Team Fortress, or something else?

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