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Voltigore model
General information

Race X


Heavy support infantry

Individual information

Baby voltigore 120 (hard)

  • Front claws
  • Purple electrical energy
  • Electric death
Game information
Entity / spawn codes
  • monster_alien_voltigore
  • monster_alien_babyvoltigore

Stephen Bahl[1]

Voltigores, not to be confused with Vortigaunts, are large Race X creatures encountered in Half-Life: Opposing Force.


Voltigores are large, brown burly insect-like creatures that have four legs and two arms that end in scythe-like claws. On their backs are five vivid purple stripes, followed by a long tail. Behind their tentacled faces are mouths similar to those of a Pit Drones, but with round teeth.

These creatures apparently communicate via their unusual, electric-sounding bellow.


Voltigores can be seen in various locations throughout Black Mesa although they seem to prefer dark, damp environments. As seen in the Opposing Force chapter Foxtrot Uniform, in which Adrian Shephard ends up traveling through several disused tunnels beneath the surface of Black Mesa, a large population of Voltigores can be found nesting.

Behavior and skillsEdit

These aggressive creatures use their innate ability to harness electrical charges to create a devastating ranged energy bolt attack, bearing some similarity to the Vortigaunt's green energy stream, although the Voltigore's energy attack is purple, and much more lethal. At close range, they attack viciously with their claws.

Their large bulk does not enable them to move swiftly and pursue the player if the area is too small. This allows players to eliminate the Voltigore with ease in some situations.

When a Voltigore dies, its carapace explodes, causing massive damage to anything in the vicinity.


Baby Voltigores are much smaller and weaker, and they cannot use the energy attack commonly used by the adult form. Despite this, they will make valiant efforts to use it, simply producing a harmless purple spark.

While at a great disadvantage in battle due to their under-developed bodies, baby Voltigores are just as aggressive as their parents and will not hesitate to attack the player.


The best weapon to quickly dispatch a Voltigore is the Displacer Cannon. If the Displacer Cannon is unavailable or too much of a risk to use, the SAW and Spore Launcher are good alternatives.



List of appearancesEdit


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