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Weekday Warrior is a mod for Half-Life 2. It was developed by students at The Guildhall at SMU during 6 months and released. Development started in January 2006 and finished June 7, 2006, date the mod was released. It received the Best Mod and Best Singleplayer FPS Mod awards in the 2007 Independent Games Festival.[1]


Set inside a modern corporate office environment, the player takes on the persona of Doug Smith, a very bored man with the untapped potential for greatness. Because of Doug's status as a corporate drone, the only way for him to explore his potential is to fantasize himself into a more exciting life. Doug, as an avid comic book fan, particularly likes to imagine himself as a character called The Mongoose, a James Bond like super-spy. A plot from the upstairs office could get Doug and all his co-workers fired. Suddenly the player has to navigate Doug through the drama and political struggle that ensues and save his office.


  • Mouse and keyboard driven movement and world interaction, similar to old-school adventure games.
  • Several minigames: Trashball, Voodoo Darts and Office Golf.
  • Action sequence with gameplay similar to Metal Gear Solid.


  1. 2007 Independent Games Festival Winners. Retrieved on 2008-01-28.

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