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The Xen Tree is an alien organism found on the borderworld Xen; although it attacks creatures that get too close, it is not known to directly devour them.

Overview Edit

  • They somewhat resemble an upturned root and are around thirteen to sixteen feet tall. A brown-ish tree-like creature with no leaves or branches, they have a fully mobile "trunk", and a large, hook-like appendage at the top, used for attacking nearby prey.
  • These trees are scattered around Xen and can prove a danger to an unwary explorer and other Xen wildlife by violently stabbing at any nearby source of movement.
  • Xen Trees appear to be indirectly carnivorous. They attack nearby enemies so as to kill them and probably allow their bodies to decompose onto the surrounding ground, the nutrients from this process effectively feeding the Xen Tree. They are often found near Xen's Light Stalk plants, and though it is possible this is a coincidence, it may also be a kind of mutual symbiosis; the light from the stalk attracts prey, then the Xen Tree kills it, feeding both plants.
  • Although very hard to accomplish, it is possible for players to trick enemies into walking near Xen Trees. Sometimes, these hostile NPCs can get stuck and the player does not have to exert any effort in eliminating stuck assailants, especially the feared Gargantua.

Trivia Edit

  • Gonarch's movement causes nearby Xen Trees to attack even if no preys are close.
  • The Xen Tree is similar to, if not inspired by, the Butcher Tree from the book Expedition by Wayne Douglas Barlowe, and its Discovery Channel adaptation, "Alien Planet".
  • Xen Trees are not affected by the console command notarget, and will keep attacking even if it is active.

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